Go! Ouders - Sharp questions

The customer

GO! Ouders is the coordinating organisation for parents in the Flemish community education network.

As an umbrella organisation, it offers support, information, tools and training on parental involvement and participation in children’s school life.

The brief

The client needed a video or animation to present their services to parents.
Given that Maks is renowned for its use of digital storytelling, it was a natural choice for us.

We opted for the island concept, as the parent support service is a little bit different from the rest of the community education network. It’s quite fun and appeals to the fantasy world. The same goes for the vector drawing technique, which appeals to the world of childhood, while not being too messy.

The story is read by the head of the department in voice-over.

The video is not available to the public, but below are a few still images I made.


Maks vzw


Creative concept, copywriting, storyboarding, illustration, project management. Editing and animation by Azdasher Krad.