W3 C0m3 In P3ac3 video

Video editing for Nation Of Droids’ track W3 C0m3 In P3ace, to promote the release of their debut EP on In Da Jungle Recordings (Can/USA).

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Nation Of Droids

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Juno: https://bit.ly/3Okoe5i

Beatport: https://bit.ly/3vmRJe7

apple music : https://apple.co/3M6LuC0

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3EjIHCK


Written and composed by R. Geeraerts, M. Moegele, and J. Serck. R3G on drums, M1k on guitar/bass, J01 on harmonica & melodica. Synths & additional vocals by R3G & J01. Recorded, edited & mixed in 2021 at Low Man’s Land studios, Brussels, by J. Michel. Mastering by Beatrising.