La Dame Zumbidos - Banoffee Pies

New collab tune with La Dame, producer and DJ, from her Zumbidos EP released on Banoffee Pies Records.

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Label: Banoffee Pies Records
Artist: La Dame
Title: Zumbidos
Catalog Number: BPMISC03
Genre: Dubstep / Dub / Broken Beat
Released: November 9th 2022


  1. Suaves Rumores Ft. Mr Jo
  2. Conscious Ft. Goldie B
  3. Non Ducor, Duco
  4. Dazzled Ft. Florian Pellissier

Banoffee Pies Records welcomes La Dame on the label with her 4 track EP entitled “Zumbidos”, lightly translated as “Buzzing” in Portuguese. The collection brings together a multi instrumentalist approach to a spectrum of percussion heavy, bass driven dubstep influences from the Belgium based French artist.

A musical journey neatly curated with three featuring artists, all seemingly cohesive, despite the wide net of sonics, with aim to illustrate and reflect the different sounds inhabiting the city of São Paulo. The lead track, “Suaves Rumores” aka “Sweet Rumours” invites Mr. Jo, a well known Brussels musician in the bass’ underground scene with a harmonica insert, reminiscent of the early 2000 FWD dubstep sounds of the UK.

Goldie B, the French singer, MC, and producer based in Marseille, then enters with “Conscious”, a catchy percussion of vibrant spoken word. “Non Ducor, Duco”, meaning “I’m not driven, I’m driving”, the motto of São Paulo, further introduces the next phase of La Dame’s musical explorations. The last track, produced in collaboration with Florian Pellissier, a great French pianist, currently working with Iggy Pop and part of Cotonete, Camarao Jazz Orchestra and Os Foda, finally culminates with a flurry of keys in a broken beat jazz hybrid with “Dazzled”. BPR xox 


Released the 9th of November 2022

2022, Banoffee Pies Records
Mastered: Optimum
Artwork: Melissa Santamaria