Nation Of Droids Hero image

The client

Nation Of Droids is a drum & bass band playing non-sequenced instruments, drums, bass, violin, keyboards, harmonica and melodica.

They borrow elements from drum & bass, ambient, jazz, dub & soundscapes. Think science fiction, lo-fi, and unsequenced organic sounds. The creative process is based on improvisation to form an instinctive language of unknown origin.

The request

Founded during the lock-downs of 2020, the group quickly started performing live and needed a visual identity, a logo, imagery, in order to make itself known on social networks. Naturally, I took care of it.

At the same time, Nation Of Droids went into the Low Man’s Land studio during spring 2021, from which 3 tracks were released in April 2022 on In Da Jungle Records (CAN-US-AUS). The cover was designed by American graphic artist Brian White.

I also designed the website.


Harmonica and melodica player, graphic designer, online communication, motion designer, webdesigner, webmaster.