Manneken - sketching


Maks vzw

Maks vzw encourages residents of the Brussels-Capital Region — and in particular Cureghem and the old Molenbeek districts — to explore their talents and skills.

Maks Grafisch Bureau is a social economy project for graphic design, with clients located mainly in the Brussels region.


Video presentation of the Maks vzw (ex-Kurasaw Productions) graphic design office, based on the “Digital Storytelling” technique.

It presents the office’s purpose, Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”.


Through our love and passion for design and creativity, we increase social impact. We guide future generations of graphic designers in developing authentic and credible communication strategies.
We are the design agency of the non-profit organisation Maks and work with a unique concept: as well as developing high-quality graphic products, we also train disadvantaged young people. Talented people can learn and gain work experience at Maks as part of “learning on the job”. This gives them the opportunity to build up a portfolio of completed work, and significantly improves their access to employment.

The video tells the story of how our guy (Manneken in Flemish) lands at Maks, and what he can expect from it.

I drew the whole thing freehand. A basic animation was then created by our colleague in training on the job.




Maks vzw


written and illustrated by Johan Serck. Edited by Marc-Antoine Ntemere