Isola Dusk - Last Train Home sleeve

My latest release comes from a collaboration with Bristol band Isola Dusk on the Lifted Icons record label, dusting off the stetsons and big irons for a mosey into the wild west. Available on Bandcamp now.

Themed around getting out of dodge for greener pastures this two track release documents one journey from the meadows to the city in ‘Last Train Home’ and from the city to the open plains with ‘Make it for the Border’.


Released on the 1st of december 2023

Vocals written and performed by Alice-Marie Archer.
Guitars written and performed by James Martin.
Additional writing and production by Pete Thomas.
Last Train Home Harmonica written and performed by Johan Serck.
Make it for the Border additional vocals written and performed by Tony Samuels.
Last Train Home mixed by Pinch.
Last Train Home mastered by Joker.
Make it for the Border mastered by Macc.