De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs - Bankzitters


De Standaard solidariteitsprijs

Every summer, the Flemish newspaper De Standaard invites non-profit organisations and creative minds to come up with an original advertisement that reinforces their message. From all the submissions, 30 ads are selected to be published on the back of the newspaper between 13 July and 21 August.

Maks vzw

Campaign produced by the graphic design section of Maks vzw, a social profit organisation working to train young jobseekers with little schooling while producing high-quality graphics. The charity trains talented young people so that they can gain one or two years’ work experience and improve their chances of finding a job afterwards.


The poster promotes the association’s work on behalf of young Brussels jobseekers in the Canal Zone. Unemployment figures are very high in this area, and Maks is working to promote their individual and social development through the use of IT tools.

Maks vzw was selected with this image for the Standaard Solidariteitsprijs 2014. Interestingly, we were the only company in the shortlist not to use an external advertising agency. The image was published on the back cover of the newspaper on 16 July 2014.


“Bankzitters kunnen ook helden worden”, could be translated as “Bench warmers can also become heroes”.