Bunzer0 feat Mr Jo - Future

Here’s my latest melodica collaboration with my old mate BunZer0 out on London’s Onform Records.

Out Now on Onform Records


‘On the back end of the Covid Crisis….

I have felt the need to play and produce music with more groove than anything else.

I am kinda tired of the generic halftime beats so I have produced these tunes with the idea to synthesize some of my beloved music and influences.

Skippy 2 step beats sometimes with some Latino or jazzy twists.

‘Killit’ is probably more dance floor-oriented whereas ‘Future’ is more melodic thanks to my brother Mr Jo‘s input with his melodica ambience and effects.

To me, these tracks are both suitable for listening at home or some booty shaking on the dance floor.

You can hear some techno, some heavy dub all around you, but also some dirty distorted bass sounds that I wanted to sound as organic as possible, similar to a rock band for example…

I think there is also a serious dose of psychedelia in the sound design, enforcing the mental aspect and not only the physical.

Exploring sub bass culture and low-end frequencies as ever…

Trying to push the boundaries with my brand new two-tracker and speaking with humility I think I have produced something very personal for my debut release on ONFORMRECORDS’


… not only does ‘Killit’ represent a significant leap ahead for Bunzer0, but it also symbolises a giant strive forward for the dubstep and electronic genre as a whole. It is explosive and brings to mind some of the best players in the game, all while adding a layer of newly discovered charisma!
The same is true for ‘Future’, which features Mr Jo. It heads off in a completely new direction, and the plethora of sounds that emerge as it progresses makes us want to hit the repeat button as soon as it concludes!

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