Hartelijke Handelaars - Commerçants du Cœur - Pers

The customer

The Hartelijke Handelaars network is the initiative of a group of concerned citizens who want to alleviate the precarious situation of people living on the streets. Their idea originated in Paris and is being followed up around the world in cities such as Madrid, Prague, Seattle and Montreal. In our country, similar projects are underway in Ghent, Leuven, Roeselare and Sint-Truiden (enchantevzw.be).

Hartelijke Handelaars is a Brussels-based network of shopkeepers who open their doors to people who have to survive on the streets. With a sticker on their door, they signal that they are offering small services to those in need: a glass of water, a mobile phone charge, a place to put your rucksack, a cup of coffee, anything is possible.

The request

Development of the website, with shopkeepers presented on an interactive map.

A donation system will be set up in a second phase.


Maks vzw


Project manager, webdesigner, coaching a webdesigner undergoing on-the-job training.


Hartelijke handelaars – Commerçants du cœur